Property Services for Business

Property Services for Business

There are numerous factors to consider if you are buying, selling or leasing commercial property and we can guide you through all stages of the process here at MHHP Solicitors. Thanks to our expertise as commercial property solicitors in Barnet we can give you all the advice you need in this complex area, liaising on your behalf with agents, financial institutions, and lawyers acting on behalf of other parties.

We’ll conduct contract negotiations, raise queries and make important enquires, complete searches and report back to you at every single stage. Our aim is to complete commercial property transactions quickly and effectively, covering all aspects of leasing, buying and selling, from stamp duty payable, property registration, structural surveys and restrictions on use, whilst making life easier for you.

Lease, buy or sell a commercial property and we’ll give you total support, liaising on your behalf, preparing the lease or sales contract and any associated documents, plus we’ll handle enquires from the other parties involved on your behalf.

As knowledgeable commercial conveyancing solicitors we strive to streamline the leasing, buying or selling process, helping you to complete transactions in the shortest possible time.

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Our commercial property services include:

  • Advising both landlords and tenants in the granting and taking of commercial leases
  • Renewing business leases
  • Lease Assignments
  • Advising landlords and tenants in respect of lease surrenders, licences, rent deposit deeds etc
  • Sale and purchase of commercial property

Please contact Steven Hickling or Ruth Hayward for a no obligation chat about conveyancing or any aspect of commercial property law.

Your initial, informative half-hour consultation is only £60 plus VAT. Find the answers you have been looking for, today!