No-Fault Divorce/ Dissolution of Civil Partnership

No-Fault Divorce/ Dissolution of Civil Partnership

As of April 6th 2022, the new no-fault divorce procedure has come into force. Parties are now only required to show that the marriage has irretrievably broken down.

Divorce or dissolution of a civil partnership can be applied for by either party or with a joint application.

You will need to have been married or in a civil partnership for at least one year before you can apply for a divorce or dissolution of your civil partnership.

What is the Divorce/Dissolution of Civil Partnership Procedure?

The new procedure allows for either party to apply for a divorce/dissolution either as a sole or joint application. If the application is jointly made, you will need to agree with your spouse/partner.

We will draft the application for you and lodge it in court. This will then be lodged online. The court will usually serve your spouse/partner with the application.

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What happens once this has been sent?

Like all matters involving family law, complications may appear at any point. However, these are traditionally the next steps:

Conditional Order

Once the application is issued by the court, there is a 20 week wait period before the applicant(s) can apply for a conditional order. This is the first stage of the divorce/dissolution.

Final Order

Six weeks after the conditional order has been made, the applicant(s) can apply for the Final Order which dissolves the marriage/civil partnership.

The Legal Fees of Fixed Fee Divorce/ Dissolution of Civil Partnership

  • We offer a fixed fee of £750 plus VAT to deal with an uncontested divorce or dissolution of civil partnership.
  • In addition, the court charges a fee of £593 when the petition is lodged at court.

Our fixed fee service will provide an initial meeting with a qualified family solicitor. We will complete all the paperwork for you and correspond with you at all stages of the divorce/dissolution.

The court charges a court fee of £593 in order to issue the application which is not included in the fixed fee.

Costs referred to on this page do not include court fees and certain other terms apply.

These costs do not cover any issues relating to children or finances.

Please note that not all divorces/dissolution of civil partnership will be appropriate for a fixed fee option and in those circumstances our hourly rate will apply. We will inform you if that is the case.

If you are seeking advice outside of the fixed fee structure, this is charged at an hourly rate of £260 plus VAT.

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