Lasting Powers of Attorney

Lasting Powers of Attorney

What would happen if you or an elderly relative reached a point in their life when they were incapable of making decisions for themselves due to a lack of mental capacity? Not only would this be a worry, it could become rather complex from a legal perspective, unless lasting powers of attorney were in place.

A Lasting Power of Attorney is a legal document which gives you greater control over what happens to you in life. If you have an accident, become injured, start to suffer from memory issues, or lose cerebral capacity, you could have a person appointed in a position of trust, to act on your behalf, and make important decisions about your financial or personal welfare.

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At MHHP we specialise in lasting powers of attorney. Our expert legal team of solicitors in Barnet can advise you and assist you in appointing the appropriate person to act as your voice.

What is a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA)?

An LPA allows a donor to appoint one or more persons to act on their behalf if they are unable to deal with their own affairs (not just for the elderly or infirm!). This may be the case in the following situations:

1. The donor is away, does not have the time to deal with the matter or not able to get about.
2. The donor is involved in an accident or suffers an illness which results in them being in hospital for a prolonged period.
3. The donor loses mental capacity.

Talk to us about your future plans. Your initial, informative half-hour consultation is only £60 plus VAT. Find the answers you have been looking for, today! If you instruct us as your power of attorney solicitors we only charge a fee for the work we complete, pre-agreed with you in advance.

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Many of us are concerned about ensuring that our affairs are looked after properly by someone we know and trust, and it is important that the appropriate person is properly appointed in good time.

Whatever happens, don’t just assume that your next of kin will have authority!

Where these arrangements have not been possible in time, Deputyship under the Office of the Public Guardian is the appropriate alternative but it involves a more detailed and costly procedure.

We can guide you through the detailed process of creating a Lasting Power of Attorney and prepare the required documentation. This includes the ability to make specific conditions that your attorney(s) must follow as well as leaving guidance notes for your attorneys.

Unlike Enduring Power of Attorneys which were too general in nature, there are two different Lasting Power of Attorneys for Health & Welfare and for Property & Financial Affairs.

Our fee for creating a Health & Welfare Lasting Power of Attorney or a Property & Financial Affairs Lasting Power of Attorney is £450 plus VAT or £750 plus VAT to prepare two for a couple. Plus there is a court fee of £82 to register each LPA with the court (certain concessions may apply).

If you are not able to come into the office we would also be happy to visit you at home.

Please feel free to contact Ruth Hayward for further information. Your initial, informative half-hour consultation is only £60 plus VAT. Find the answers you have been looking for, today!