International Child Abduction

If you are a parent considering taking your child abroad, it is prudent to obtain specialist legal advice so that you do not fall foul of the law.

If you are worried that your child may be taken (or has been kept) abroad without your knowledge, it is crucial that you seek urgent legal advice from a specialist Family Law Solicitor.

There a number of steps that we can take to prevent your child from being removed from England and Wales such as:

  • Applying for a Prohibited Steps Order to prevent your child being taken abroad
  • Order for the surrender of your child’s passport
  • Instituting a Port Alert

We also act for parties in international child abduction proceedings under the 1980 Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction. The Hague Convention is an agreement between various countries which aims to ensure the prompt return of an abducted child to the country where s/he normally lives so that the long term arrangements for the child’s residence and contact can be decided by the courts of that country.

Our family Partner, Tayo Taylor has several years experience acting for parents in international child abduction matters. She is also a panel member of the Law Society’s Family Law Advanced Accreditation scheme in International Child Abduction, Wardship and Private Law Children.

For help and advice please contact Tayo Taylor on 020 3667 4783 or email at