Fixed Fee Probate

How Much Will Probate Cost? We understand that you will want to know how much our probate services cost before you choose to instruct us. We aim to achieve transparency by providing all inclusive fixed prices for our probate services rather than charging hourly rates or complex percentage rates. For more information on our services or to arrange an appointment please call us on: 020 3667 4780.

Dealing with entire estate (obtaining Grant, collecting in assets and distributing to beneficiaries)

 Legal Fee Per Item*
  • Bank Accounts
  • Premium Bonds
  • Properties in England & Wales
  • Investment Blocks – stocks, shares, unit trusts etc
  • Life Policies
  • Pensions
  • Annuities etc
  • Gifts or transfer at an undervalue within the last 7 years
  • Properties outside England & Wales
  • Other Foreign Assets
  • Issues relating to transfers of nil rate band

*The total legal fees are subject to a minimum of £950 or the sum of the items within the estate.

Included in the above fees

Obtaining original will, review, interpretation – otherwise explaining intestacy rules and application to the circumstances
Correspondence with all of the above parties & all Executors/Trustees
Dealing and working with Valuations
Liaison with any foreign probate practitioner & equivalent IHT matters
IHT Forms and Supplementary Forms & Submission to HMRC
Preparing the Oath for Grant of Probate
Any assent of property to beneficiary
Any set up work required for any Trust in the Will or otherwise
Additional minor matters

Not included in the above fees

VAT on the fees above
Additional major assets or additional issues arising from Will/Codicils
Any Trust Matters
Any Variations of the Will/Intestacy by beneficiaries
Any other tax advice other than IHT

Additional costs not related to the administration of the estate:

Sales of property will incur additional fees and a quote can be provided by our conveyancing department. If we are executors or co-executors under a Will, we are responsible for marketing and selling the property and agreeing the sale price. The above fee scale may be subject to amendment in respect of estates where we are appointed as Executors in the Will.

Transfers of property (into the names of beneficiaries for example) will incur additional fees for which a quote can be provided should this be required.

The prices shown are those quoted as standard but may be subject to amendment in the event that the estate complexity and/or client instruction requires. Price amendments will be disclosed to clients beforehand.