Mediation Services

Disputes happen in life. Perhaps you entered into a partnership agreement full of hope and with the best of intentions, but now the relationship has deteriorated and both partners need a reasonable and fair solution to end their business relationship amicably.

When parties agree to disagree, the next step is usually litigation. The role of a litigator is to bring the dispute to light and take the steps necessary to preserve their client’s legal rights. Court proceedings can be lengthy costly and emotionally draining for all parties involved. Both sides cannot walk out of the courtroom pleased with the outcome: as someone wins, and someone loses.

There is another way to resolve disputes: Mediation. This is a more personable and non adversarial alternative to the litigation process. Mediation allows participants to effect prompt, cost-effective solutions to a dispute in a manner that is less confrontational and less formal. Both sides gain by using a qualified, independent mediator to guide the settlement process forward. Mediation allows all parties to craft their own solution with the advice of a solicitor, which can be more innovative and flexible than court decisions.

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