A Guide to Understanding Prenuptial Agreements (Prenups)

As the nature of marriages become more complex (sometimes involving children from past relationships or assets from a deceased ex-partner), couples are finding practical ways of addressing potential financial complications with the implementation of Prenuptial Agreements.

Commonly referred to as “prenups,” these contracts allow parties to decide how assets will be divided if there is a divorce.

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A Guide to Resolving Boundary Disputes with Your Neighbour

Establishing specific parameters which legally constitute one’s property is not always straightforward.

Conflicts may stem from possible mapping errors/misinterpretations of title plans. Or issues may arise due to the unclear delineation of precise property boundaries. However these disputes occur, settling on the rightful legal claim to land may challenge the relationship of neighbours.

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A Guide to Assured Shorthold Tenancies (and Section 8 & 21) – Infographic

Our infographic aims to simplify and define the processes involved in using Sections 8 & 21. It also explains Assured Shorthold Tenancies, what it entails, how your rights as a landlord are affected and the processes involved in obtaining a possession order:

AST and Section 8 & 21 MHHP Law

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What To Think About When Drawing Up A Custody Arrangement

custody agreement

Picture of Jon Gilbert

In the second of our ‘What To Think About…’ series, our family law specialist, Jonathan Gilbert , advises you on what needs to be taken into consideration when drawing up what is commonly referred to as a custody agreement.

I’m going to start this guide by stating three things;

1) If you find yourself in a custody battle, you’ll hear the term ‘child arrangements order’ a lot – a child arrangements order sets out who a child should live with and who he or she should spend time with.

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Landlord Rights 101: How to Know and Protect Your Rights

The laws and regulations mediating between landlords and tenants can be a complicated territory, best navigated by professionals and legal councillors. It’s understandable if in many matters, especially if things don’t run smoothly and you enter a dispute, you may feel the need to get some legal advice from a lawyer specializing in property leasing and rentals.

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The Changing Dynamics of a British Family

At one time, the nuclear family was considered the norm – two parents, usually married, and their 2.4 children living happily together. Nowadays, however, the nuclear family is quite the rarity. Changes in family dynamics over the last 40 years or so have seen an increase in single parents, extended families, and same-sex couples.

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